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Crowns & Bridges in Anaheim to Enhance Your Smile

mature couple relaxing at home drinking teaIf you have missing teeth or a decayed or damaged tooth, a dental bridge or crown could be just what you need to rejuvenate your smile. Chet Desai, DDS, places custom restorations with attention to detail to craft the smile you’ve always wanted.

Dr. Desai has provided efficient dental care to the residents of Anaheim, Garden Grove, Fullerton, Orange County, and the surrounding areas since 1993. We deliver high-quality dental treatments using the most current techniques and dental technology. For your convenience, we provide our services in English and German.

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What is a Crown?

dental crownA dental crown is a restoration that fully covers a tooth down to the gumline. A crown can protect a tooth that has undergone root canal therapy, become damaged, or is substantially decayed. Your crown not only protects the vulnerable tooth from additional damage but also serves to enhance your appearance by restoring the natural size, shape, and color of your tooth.

If you are missing a tooth, an implant-supported crown can smoothly restore your smile. Implant crowns are high-quality restorations made up of a titanium post and an artificial tooth. When you receive an implant crown, your smile’s aesthetics and functionality are renewed.

Why We Use Porcelain Crowns

Our practice uses porcelain crowns specifically made to match the natural color of your teeth as closely as possible. Often, your crown will go entirely unnoticed by others. Porcelain crowns are durable and meant to last for a substantial length of time. If you make sure to take care of your crown, you’ll be able to enjoy it for a decade or longer without needing a replacement.

Reasons to Receive a Crown

Dental crowns can correct a multitude of issues. You may consider receiving a crown for:

  • Worn-down teeth: If you have an uneven bite or grind your teeth while you sleep, your teeth can become worn down over time. A dental crown restores your tooth to its original shape and height.
  • Cracked teeth: A crown may be all you need to make a cracked tooth stronger and prevent further damage or infections.
  • Cosmetic treatment: Should you have a tooth that is chipped, damaged, or mishapped, a porcelain crown can fit in naturally with your healthy teeth and enhance your appearance.
  • Large cavities: Particularly large cavities may require a crown to repair your tooth fully. Doing so can prevent further infections and protect the tooth.

What is a Dental Bridge?

dental bridgeA dental bridge is a permanent restoration that can fill gaps where one or more teeth are missing. A combination of crowns and replacement teeth, or pontics, are connected using your healthy teeth for support. This not only holds your replacement teeth in place but also prevents your natural teeth from shifting. If your teeth cannot support a dental bridge, dental implants can serve as anchors for your replacement teeth.

3 Benefits of a Dental Bridge

A well-crafted dental bridge does more than simply replace missing teeth. When you come to the practice of Chet Desai, DDS, for your restoration, you receive many benefits, including:

  1. Aesthetics: Your dental bridge is customized for your unique smile, both in its color and fit. We strive to make your bridge appear as natural as possible, so it enhances and strengthens your smile.
  2. Durability: Your replacement teeth are crafted from high-quality materials and are designed to last you many years. Your bridge is strong enough maintain proper alignment, which can prevent the need for additional treatments down the road.
  3. Convenience: When you receive a bridge, you will be able to chew normally since there are no longer any gaps between your teeth. A bridge can also help you speak clearly. Missing teeth can alter the way your tongue moves to produce sounds.

Our Process for Your Unique Restoration

mature couple relaxing at homeIt usually takes two appointments at our office to receive a bridge or crown. Dr. Desai uses an iTero intraoral scanner to take detailed digital images of the inside of your mouth during your first appointment. Our digital images are used to determine the shape, size, and ideal placement of your restorations. After your appointment, a local dental lab begins the process of creating your bridge or crown, which typically takes two weeks.

While you wait for your restoration, we can place a temporary crown so that your tooth stays protected. As soon as your restoration is ready, you simply need to visit our office for a second time. We gently place your crown or bridge with precision and care and ensure it is secure and comfortable for you.

How to Maintain Your Crown or Bridge

By visiting our dentist for regularly-scheduled cleanings and keeping up with your oral hygiene at home, you can extend the life of your restoration. We recommend brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing before you go to bed. When you combine good dental hygiene with professional cleanings at our office, your restoration stays in optimal condition.

Rejuvenating Your Smile with Crowns & Bridges

Whether you need to fill unwanted gaps in your smile or repair a cracked tooth, Dr. Desai and our friendly team are here to assist you. We help sculpt the smile of your dreams and keep you healthy in the process. Get in touch with the practice of Chet Desai, DDS, in Anaheim today!


Contact Us. We encourage you to contact us with any questions or comments you may have. Please watch for our Grand Opening on Anaheim Blvd in January.

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We encourage you to contact us with any questions or comments you may have. Please watch for our Grand Opening on Anaheim Blvd in January.